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Planning to travel and pregnant? No problem.

Travelling pregnantBeing a guidebook author and a journalist, I travel a lot for work – and for leisure: I didn’t get into this job by accident. So when I became pregnant, I thought I’d make some adjustments but it never crossed my mind to stop travelling altogether. Minor concessions were all that was required. Read the full story here.

Published on lonelyplanet.com, 14 July 2014.

Photo by Chris Goldberg, on Flickr.


Holidaying on the French Riviera

IMG_0031The French Riviera is the original holiday resort – European royalty decided to spend their winters there as early as the 18th century. Today, it’s popular year-round, with French and foreign visitors alike drawn to its natural beauty, culture and fabulous weather. For more inspiration, listen to this interview.

Broadcast on Dubai Eye Radio, 9 June 2014.


Making the best of Cannes Film Festival

View from Ste Marguerite

View from Ste Marguerite

Celebrity spotting, vintage films and staying as close as possible to the action, visiting Cannes during the Film Festival can be fun. Just plan ahead. Read the full story here.

Published on lonelyplanet.com, 16 May 2014.


Madagascar elections: what happened next?

Hery focus 2More than two months have passed since new president Hery Rajaonarimampianina was sworn in and the results of the parliamentary elections were validated by the electoral court. Yet Madagascar seems no closer to having a Prime Minister and a government. Read the full story here.

Published as a blog on the website of PR company Gong Communications, March 2014.


Why NTDs are about more than drugs

LF patientsDisabilities caused by neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are often overlooked in prevention efforts. Media coverage and health programmes must also focus on side-effects and care options. Read the full story here.

Published in the Guardian’s Development Professionals’ Network, 9 January 2014.


Resuscitating investment in NTDs

MDSC lab technician at work 2 (2)While investment in diseases like malaria is growing, funding for NTD cures is showing signs of drying up. Collaboration between researchers and industry will be key to bucking the trend. Read the full story here.

Published in The Guardian’s Development Professionals’ Network, 23 Dec 2013.


Making Twitter work for international organisations

Twitter montage 2Twitter has become an indispensable communication tool but to successfully engage your followers, you have to do more than just broadcast news. Read the full story here.

Published in the Guardian Development Professionals’ Network, 5 December 2013.

Photo ┬ęThe Next Web on Flickr.


Grande Comore, tourism for explorers

Carved door in MoroniThe Comoros remain relatively undiscovered, which is both exciting and frustrating for travellers. You’ll feel like a trailblazer wherever you go and will be genuinely welcome. On the other hand, the tourism industry is still in its infancy, and Comorian timekeeping is as relaxed as the atmosphere. Read the full story here.

Published in The National on 22 November 2013.


Family planning in Madagascar: lessons from a conservation NGO

Balbina Befandefa 3Blue Ventures has increased contraception use from 10% in 2007 to 55% today. What can the global health community learn from the works of this conservation NGO? Read the full story here.

Published on the Guardian’s Development Professionals’ Network, 12 Nov 2013.


Madagascar: Political jockeying ahead of December elections

IMG_1410Candidates will be forming alliances ahead of the second round of presidential elections on 20 December, which will also coincide with the legislative elections. The job of Prime Minister is at stake. Read the full story here.

Published in The Africa Report, 28 October 2013.