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Good job: How Mauritius became the place to do business in Africa



Once dimissed as an unlikely success story, this island nation has built a thriving, diverse economy on solid policies. Read the full story here.

Published in Issue 38 of Africa in Fact, July 2016.

Photo ©Miwok on Flickr.


African water utilities go mobile

Mobile moneyWater utilities in sub-Saharan Africa have lagged behind when it comes to seeing the benefits of mobile technology, but the market is catching up fast. Read the full story here.

Published in the March issue of Global Water Intelligence.

Photo by Rachel Strohm on Flickr.


Madagascar: FDI and politics out of sync

IMG_1669Despite the return to political legitimacy, the country’s precarious stability has kept investors at bay. Read the full article here.

Published in the May/June 2016 edition of Africa in Fact.


Africans investing in Africa

The new AfricaAfricans must invest in Africa – just like Japan or China did on their path to development. This is what progressive African business leaders think – and how they have successfully done it. Read the full article here.

Cover story of the March 2016 edition of The Africa Report.

Photo by ©Red Hand Records


Saving people’s sight through surgery and mapping

PN_123 ETH_SSTrachoma is responsible for the visual impairment of some 2m people. Yet this eye infection is easily treatable and preventable by using the SAFE strategy. S stands for Surgery, A for Antibiotics, F for Facial Hygiene and E for Environmental Cleanliness. Until recently however, it wasn’t clear exactly where the disease was. A global survey found out so that SAFE can be rolled out. Listen to the story here (about 12 min in).

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 25 February 2016 and on the BBC World Service.

Photo courtesy of Peter Nicholls / Sightsavers


Planning to travel and pregnant? No problem.

Travelling pregnantBeing a guidebook author and a journalist, I travel a lot for work – and for leisure: I didn’t get into this job by accident. So when I became pregnant, I thought I’d make some adjustments but it never crossed my mind to stop travelling altogether. Minor concessions were all that was required. Read the full story here.

Published on lonelyplanet.com, 14 July 2014.

Photo by Chris Goldberg, on Flickr.


Ebola: voices from the epicentre of the epidemic

Medics at the isolation ward in Donka hospital, Conakry, Guinea

Medics at the isolation ward in Donka hospital, Conakry, Guinea

As Ebola spreads across West Africa, we talk to the medical and humanitarian professionals scrambling to contain the spread of the epidemic. Read the full story here.

Published on the Guardian’s Global Development Professionals’ Network, 14 July 2014.

Photo: Sylvain Cherkaoui/Cosmos/Médecins Sans Frontières


Developing Africa’s true water potential

Investing in water AfDBThe changing face of Africa’s water infrastructure landscape is leading the African Development Bank to adopt new strategies in order to support the sector. The bank’s water head, Mohamed El Azizi, spoke to GWI. Read the story here.

Published in Global Water Intelligence, 16 Mar 2014.

Image by Sara Lafleur-Vetter©, on flickr


Holidaying on the French Riviera

IMG_0031The French Riviera is the original holiday resort – European royalty decided to spend their winters there as early as the 18th century. Today, it’s popular year-round, with French and foreign visitors alike drawn to its natural beauty, culture and fabulous weather. For more inspiration, listen to this interview.

Broadcast on Dubai Eye Radio, 9 June 2014.


How African is Madagascar?

Madagascar AfricaThere may only be 420km between Madagascar and the rest of the African continent, but the Red Island remains resolutely un-African. Time for a change? Read the full story here.

Published in Africa in Fact, 1 May 2014.